PunnyFuzzles loves words, and will fill the belly of your mind with critical thinking in byte-sized chunks.
When you interchange the lead letters of two dictionary words and it results in the formation of two new, unique dictionary words, it’s called a Spoonerism. PunnyFuzzles can be a great classroom springboard to discussions on blended consonants, homonyms, and vocabulary.


PunnyFuzzzles combines the challenge of a Spoonerism word game with real-time learning, focusing on the blended consonants that begin a majority of the words in the English language. What a great time to be a student! PunnyFuzzles is leading the movement known as the Gamefication of Education.

While playing, students learn blended consonants and vocabulary in bite-sized challenges of critical thinking. As a bonus, as the answer for each puzzle is submitted, students get instantaneous feedback, extremely important for confidence building, what a great concept?

PunnyFuzzles brings together logical and visual content in each puzzle.
The marriage of the two educational techniques has a compounding effect, reinforcing the vocabulary, while readying the brain’s pathways for critical thinking. Developers and educators should take note, PunnyFuzzles is the model for developing critical thinking in byte-sized chunks, on a hand-held device in what is rapidly becoming a hand-held world.

We are encouraging fan support to help spread the word:
Inform people that PunnyFuzzles can help keep your mind alert and possibly stave off, or slow down the effects of memory loss associated with advanced age. We would also like to get the word out to healthcare workers, and anyone who works with patients that need occupational therapy, that PunnyFuzzles is a tool that they can add to their arsenal.

Finally, we want parents of children with mild developmental issues to be aware that PunnyFuzzles can be extremely helpful. Recently, a discussion with the mother of a ten year old boy with attention deficit and mild information processing issues, has made me more certain than ever of the power of PunnyFuzzles as a tool for positive change. She informed me that her clever son had figured out how to play PunnyFuzzles, and he loves it. Derek especially loves the game feature that provides positive feedback when puzzles are solved correctly. The game gives her son valuable, real-time confidence building messages and reinforces his behavior when a puzzle is solved correctly. Hopefully, we will follow-up on these positive outcomes.

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