The Golden Rules for

THE RULES: When you click single player to play the game: You are given a PUZZLE which consists of a Primary Word, 3 Options (a,b,and c), and an Image. Using the Primary word, and each Option, one at a time, you form three Spoonerisms, one of them will match the Image, that Option will be the correct answer that you will want to submit.

To form the 3 Spoonerisms, you use the Primary word and each of the 3 options, one at a time. You exchange the leading letters up to the 1st vowel, but not including the 1st vowel, from the Primary Word, with the leading letters, up to, but not including the 1st vowel, of each Option, starting with Option a, to form two new words. When you finish forming each Spoonerism, you will discover that one of the Spoonerisms matches the Image. The option that gives you the matching Spoonerism, will be the correct answer. Not sure, click the Image to get a clue, the caption is your lifeline.

Once you know the answer, Submit your answer by directlyclicking on the letter of the Option that gives you the correct answer. The game will then tell you whether or not your answer is correct. Then you move on to the next puzzle. When you’ve answered all of the puzzles, you then click on submit, to get your rating. Are you a Puzzle Master? Once you have your rating, you are free to purchase more Puzzles, thank you for playing,

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